Hiking Tips

Hiking is an enormous way to spend your day outdoors and way to get exercise in a rewarding manner. However planning before heading out on the trails is always essential. It increases both your safety and enjoyment of the hiking. No matter how easy the hiking may appear make sure you are well prepared before heading out on the trails. Image  Your footwear is the most influencing item of your hiking. It makes all the difference and ranges from less expensive day boots to the greater support and durability trekking boots. Be sure to choose your shoes which are waterproof hiking shoes and also check the weather before you head out so you may dress properly.  

Always make sure to bring plenty of water. Bring a small first aid kit. Make sure to bring a compass and a good quality topographical map which may help you if you’re unsure of your exact location on the hike. Let someone know before leaving for your hiking plan and location where you are going.


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