Light to Heavy Weight Hiking Shoes

The category and types of the hiking shoes differ from country to country, person to person and also the hiking activity to be performed although following are the three basic type of the hiking shoes details from which one can easily understand the nature and the characteristics of very light to heavy weight footwear.

Approach Hiking Shoes

There are number of types of the hiking shoes and one of them is the approach shoes which are the entry level hiking shoes and are used on well maintained trails and the other smooth terrain.  They are flexible enough to offer comfortable walking but also easy to break in. They are made from the materials like nylon, suede and other light leather supported fabrics.  The cut normally does not reach higher than the ankles bones due to which they provide good support for your  feet and ankles.Light to Heavy Weight Hiking Shoes

Mid-Weight Hiking Shoes

Next is the mid-weight Hiking Shoes which are intended to less smooth trails. They are designed to support for multi day hikes and are made from slightly tougher leather and synthetic materials. Outdoor footwear manufacturers make it less flexible with respect to their soles and the general construction which provide increased support to the ankles on light off trail terrains.


Off-trail Shoes / Heavy Boots

They are totally for the rough terrain. They are heavy in weight and require getting used to and training. They are intended to support and designed for the shock absorption while remain as waterproof hiking shoes. The construction includes the synthetic or gore text materials, cemented outsold and special toe caps are used in these shoes.


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