ImageHOW TO BECOME A FASHION DESINGER 123Becoming a Fashion designer as discussed in last parts is not just getting a degree in fashion design but it’s much more than that, in short it can be described as   a set of expertise skills and formal education that enables an individual to perform in the field of design and fashion.

Apart from education formal training and experience is required too for making things done in this direction. The little experience can be gained during internship in both retail brands or at manufacturing companies as well. It can be done in a fashion brands like BOSS, ZARA or H&M  for understanding the process of forecasting visualization and rend analysis and predicting new collection for upcoming seasons. The same way it can be done as an internship in a manufacturing factory like a t-shirt manufacturer or a Denim Jeans Manufacturer that will help the individual to gain field base knowledge and practical understanding of issues and their solutions. Secondly it is also helpful for new individuals to gain industrial confidence before actually starting their own jobs and professional career.

Hence becoming a fashion designer is not a straight path of certain achievements once must be  fully aware of its dynamics.


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