The Fashion Trend

The word Fashion is not anymore a new terminology to the world. It is a term that defined the style or practice that is popular in a certain time frame or season. Mostly fields associated to this are clothing, footwear or in short life style. It varies from country to country and has geographical and cultural instincts.

Media plays an important part in the propagation and expression of fashion. But it would not be completed without the help of media. All the catwalks, advertisements are run through media, may it be print or digital media. Some of the prominent print media fashion magazines are Vogue, Elle etc. Different forms of media are a great support in propagating and delivering latest fashion.

In Fashion business there are issues like intellectual property rights and are not highly enforced such as in film and music industry. There are many organizations working in this regard but still they have limited grip over these issues in the industry.

Brands do take inspirations from everywhere around that includes people that wear other brands, color palettes and designs as well. This creates a cycle in which people takes inspirations from other’s work. In the design development industry or manufacturing industry it’s even worse. The developers tend to take out the best pieces from the market and try to make some alterations. Let say in denim industry a Denim Jeans Manufacturer would buy jeans of big brands and would be developing their own collections out of it.


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