WHY WRIST WATCHESTime is the thing which wouldn’t wait for any one. So to move with the time and to save a person’s from any mishap, wrist watches are invented. It’s not the only thing which tells time but most of the people use it as a fashion accessory

Now a day’s many different types and colors of wrist watches are in the market. And not only this but wrist watches is a part of clothing for some persons; they wouldn’t go out without it.

To purchase a wrist watch some people are brand conscious, so they prefer their likely brand such as devar’s, casio, rolex etc and wouldn’t want to take risk of other brands while some are choosy and some people purchase the reasonable wrist watches.

They go for that wrist watch which is best in quality plus good in price too. Many companies are competitors and rivals of each others, so they make the best price to capture the market by keeping in mind the 7’ps hat us price-products-procedure-place-promotion-process and position.


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