Wrist Watches

WHY WRIST WATCHESIn present time you can see that wrist watches have become a symbol of a personality. if we go 100 years back we can see that all the renowned personalities used to hang a watch in their three piece suits and it was an Impression, more watches you have, means more strong and higher personality you got, and then the idea has been changed and watches come on to the wrist from their coats. and then it opened a new industry and in mid of 60’s the industry has remarkably made a turn and demands of watches went higher.

In beginning wearing watches was a expensive game and most of the people passes the comment that “see that guy wearing a watch” that was a complete appreciation but in 80’s the time changed one more time and different investors opened their watch making factories and then situation changed.

Now due to competition, prices came down and now all the people who knew the effect of Wristwatch on personality started to buy the watches.

At present the situation has been totally changed now every person in this world can afford hand watches but now hand watches are more about glamour and designs and all the big companies hired special and qualified designers to design a watch which can get higher response in the market. So now watches are symbol of fashion and glamour Industry.

However kid’s watches are much more popular nowadays because of their designs, materials, trends, and style. Cartoon characters are embossed on their watches to make them feel comfortable and unique. Kids watch supplier offers a lot of varieties to these watches as per demand in the market.


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