Why Buyers Feel Insecure By Paying The Sample Order Amount First?

Remy wave hairOrdering a sample is a big inspection criteria which gives reflection of your company and your products. Suppose if the buyer likes the quality of Sample then he goes for his original orders and places all orders in regular basis. Due to this the buyer orders more products and adds as a regular chain buyer of the company’s product.

What If Buyer dislikes the product?

Suppose if the buyer dislikes the product quality and also the timings of supplying, then buyer gets dissatisfied and contacts with another suppliers and companies.

It’s a B2B Chain where buyers connect with suppliers and companies and place the orders that buyers want to.

We can’t force any buyer to buy the product from our company, because buyer knows better than us because when he comes to us he has already been visited so many buyers already so he has known all products quality timings and procedures with pricing.


Accordingly we have some great supply chain buyers who buy from us and sale to other customers with our Brand Name Hollywood Queen.

As we are the manufacturers of all kinds of Remy wave hair, Brazilian Human Hair, Malaysian Human Hair, Chinese Human Hair, Peruvian Human Hair, European Human Hair and Indian Human Hair


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