TENCEL DENIMWhen it comes to fashion or style, Hollywood has a relationship to this industry. As the industry reflects the current scenario reacting and creating of future trends by the people are also a part of this industry, likewise the wearing trend of the real people in everyday life is reflected in the movies as well. Of course denim / jeans are not an exception and as a part of the fashion industry they have been shown in the movie industry as well.

Compared to earlier decades, nowadays everyone is wearing jeans and is a basic essential for an individual’s wardrobe, it is one of the most basic and default option for choosing a bottom in most parts of the world. No matter if they are made in a jeans supplier who is from China or a denim jeans manufacturer who is in USA. The market demand for both kinds of products persists in the market and every supplier has their own market and demand value. Many retailers get their products from such kind of supplier around the world and their buying decisions are based on what are their targets customers are and in which part of the world.


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