Getting ready for it the First Time!

hiking-on-durmitorBeen out for Hiking yet? Afraid of what you might come across? My attempt here is to help the first time hikers and motivate those who are standing on the edge of it. You must have been told about all the fun that you would have while hiking and it is all true. The scenes of nature that you experience cannot be put into words easily. Every person’s experience differs from the other when out on such adventures.

To be able to reap the most out of your first hike, you should concentrate on the equipment a little bit more to survive the temperature and keep yourself from fainting off exertion. If not prepared properly, this adventure can very easily take shape of your worst nightmare where you want to wake up but can’t. I hope I haven’t brought done anyone’s motivation here but help them realize the importance of precautions. Starting with feet, the first time hikers are advised to opt of waterproof hiking boots rather than waterproof hiking shoes. What’s the difference you ask? Shoes are light weight and more attractive, but should not be worn if your ankles are not used to the terrain, as the shoes do not provide same protection when compared to boots. Try to choose the socks as per the climate of the trail, and do not compromise on the quality as it would literally hurt your feet!

Getting the feet out of the way, there are some key things that you should not forget to carry with you on your first and many hikes to follow. One such thing would be, enough supply of water or arrangement for it to keep you hydrated. Another would be the first aid box to help you fight those insect bites and itches and mind those sticks, at times they can hurt! Shelter against the cold at night is one thing that needs to be looked after, you wouldn’t want to ruin your way return journey now would you? Keeping check of other necessities such as flash light, food supply, extra pairs of socks and etc. So, I see you all on the trail this summer then!


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