You know What You’d be Doing this Summer?

hulkThe summers are upon us, children would be off from school and soon driving you crazy in the house. Make sure you don’t feed them any sugar or it’ll be a hurricane around your house. This is the time when we have plans to meet our family, friends and get packing for that holiday we booked. Going on a holiday sounds very exciting and relaxing but the bitter truth is, our body is exhausted when we come back from the trip and need a couple of days to gather ourselves when back at home. Don’t get me wrong, I myself love to travel and take holidays in different countries but as per the experience I always liked the country sides and the unexplored parts more than roaming around in the cities. The structures are beautiful and definitely worth a visit but the outdoor experience,  camping, experimenting with food learning nature first hand is what is more exciting and fun. I found such trips with kids to be more enjoyable as you get to teach something to your kids especially when they relate their experiences and findings to what they had studied in class and looked at in the books.


A hiking trip is one adventure I’d recommend to every single person I know. I am not marketing any business here but I truly believe that such an activity is more refreshing for our bodies and minds where we are able to get close to the nature and away from all the materialistic hustle. Although before you embark on of these adventures make sure to read about the necessities and have a pair of waterproof hiking shoes. Trust you’d need them the most!


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