How Modeling Has Evolved


Modeling has changed a lot in the past decades, the definitions of being a model has transformed many folds under the influence of artistic evolution and technology in digital and print media.

By comparing the models of two different times, it was Tony Barnes who earned considerable and was expected to style himself on photo shoots, where as Oliver Cheshire must go to gym and is a slave to exercise and dates a pop start. Tony Barnes love clothes and was more signature on fixating fashion and having a personal style that is timeless. The time he was living was different from the present arena of fashion, London was in full swing and Tony was in his early career who wanted to live as a pro model. No one was involved in gym those days but definitely the models take care of themselves. No one turn up at a studio in a trainer and jeans made by a denim jeans manufacturer. It was not something artificial to be a model , when someone at those times chooses to be a model then he must remember that he is a model 24/7 of his time and acquire that specific way of living.


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