Melting Pot New Arrival Denim


The Hi end Italian designer brand, Meltin Pot has come up with a new fabric for their next season spring collection-VINTECH. There has been a lot of research and experimentation behind the KLSH collection, using the latest construction techniques and developments in fabric and materials, all this has created a highly performing fabric that they are referring to as Vintech dual core technology.

The features are designed to maintain a rigid and raw effect but the performing qualities of a stretch fabric. The fitting is ensured and guarantees minimal deformations to the fit as well.

Color fixation and stability of indigo dye are also important factors taken into considerations. Fabric characteristics are helpful to create a denim jean in its 3D construction. The development is a fine example of design and functionality producing a perfect product.

For all the readers the information might be too technical, so in short we can say that the people of Meltin Pot has developed a jeans that let their Jeans be in shape as well as the color compared to other denim product. The fabric/denim development might have taken place in a denim jeans manufacturer’s plant.


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