ImageThe extension used are basically helpful in giving new look to your hair as the it gives life to the dead & faulty hairs. Extensions are attached with the hair with the help of the glue. These extensions can bring your luck to the next level. The best way to choose an appropriate hair extension is to ask a beauty stylist who can suggest you that which type would suit you and how much quantity is required.

You need to be aware of the fact that you are buying only pure human or Remy hair which is the best suited for human head and try to make it a habit to avoid shedding & frizzing by changing the extensions after 3 weeks. The hair piece that will change the entire look without working hard on hair is the Clip in hair extension.

The human hair should be wet so that it gives a natural look and it should not have any cuticles among them as they should move in one direction from left to right. The hair wigs requires proper care so it needs to be washed properly and milk and oiling should be done on hair that will strengthen the hair from its roots and the hair will remain alive for 24 months. for more detail click here –


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