Sex Education in High School

Among many cultures in world (especially Asia), sex is considered to be a taboo and must be avoided in daily life conversations. It is something that is not very commonly discussed among some cultures. Talking about sex in the conventional society is thought to be vulgar. There is a gap between parents and children and they cannot discuss or talk about sex so openly. There is separate education for girls and boys and they cannot talk with each other. Even in education, the same scenario is being experienced. However, the education department should understand that there are many benefits of teaching sex education to children.


Coping with hormonal changes:

Adolescence is the stage of life where youngsters become very curious about the sexuality of the opposite sex. They try to seek attention of the opposite sex by dressing properly and maintaining a good physical outlook. Physical changes start to occur in this stage where girls and boys go through puberty. Therefore, this change should be explained to them so that can cope up with it.


The right to information: Students must be allowed to ask questions about sex. If teachers and parents do not encourage children to ask questions, they can get into wrong sexual practices leading to diseases and problems. Therefore, young individuals have the right to know about this private topic so that they can think right and take it as a natural process.


Safe sex activities: Adolescents are vulnerable to unsafe sex practices. They like experimenting things and they can try to explore genitals of opposite gender. Unsafe sex practice due to lack of awareness can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the diseases like HIV/AIDS are fatal and can cause death after a certain period of time as the disease progresses. Unsafe sex practices can also lead to premature pregnancy where young girls can find it very difficult to cope.

Risk of early parenthood: The young female body is not entirely developed to bare the pain of pregnancy and in the process fatality can occur. It could lead to early parenthood at a very young age. Early parenthood can be a very difficult experience because of lack of awareness. It can result in financial problems and can eventually lead to depression.

Diversified knowledge: Mathematics or English are not the only subjects which should be taught to an individual to thrive in life. There are more important topics which are necessary to be known to an individual person. Therefore, sex education should be a part of the curriculum.

It’s a topic they find interesting: Most students would take interest while learning about the information related to sex activities. This can be something that they take interest while studying, rather than have to opt for essay writing service UK. Teachers can maintain this interest by making them talk about it openly or write an essay about it.

Considering all these aspects it is very important for parents and their children to be open about sex. Parents should discuss about sex with their children in order to increase their awareness where they can avoid getting into trouble.


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