How To Use Coupons And Lead A Frugal Life Easily

Most people ask me how to plan their monthly budget and start living a frugal life. My answer is that it is not a one-day’s task but it takes a whole lifetime to achieve such a change. Being frugal is to take smart decisions in life related to purchasing and shopping. With the help of my experiences, I am going to make sure that it takes less than a lifetime for you to experience such transformation.

Makes use of websites providing coupons

With the emergence of new technology websites, the regular shopper has many choices.  You can browse through the deals of, where customers have an easy access to discounts, vouchers and coupon deals. The most famous stores are listed so that you may have the best of services to avail. They have a great system where the latest coupons are updated and expired ones are put on a side. You can bookmark this website to help you get the best products on your next online shopping trip.

Have a planner and a diary 

If you are one of those people who use their iPhone for Notes or other tips, then it is time you make a productive change. Note down important expenses, which are to be spent on. These include your monthly bills such as electricity, house supplies and other necessities. Once these are taken care of, account for any luxurious trips or grooming sessions. However, you can cut down on these large expenses by having smaller parts done in a month. For example, if you go to your stylist for a manicure monthly, then skip the haircut. This way, you can alternate every service to save money for other important things.

Make Google your friend

It is needless to say; but Google can point towards the right direction in the case of coupons. I was worried about finding a discount for an online store, which I loved. Therefore, I went to Google and searched for coupons followed by the Brand’s name, for example Nike coupons. You would be shocked to see how many amazing offers are available to you! is also making it a priority to provide trendy in-store coupons to its customers. Apart from using Google for other things, you can also include coupons in the list of what Google helps you find.

 Go for weekly treats instead of daily

Having a Ben & Jerry every day? We do not advise it! We realize that you work hard the whole day and need to treat yourself every now and then but make sure you are doing it right. If you make up your mind for this routine, you can actually save up on many expenses which have been piling up. Most people tend to notice that FOOD is becoming the main source of their lack of money. Therefore, we recommend you to take your pizza takeouts to a minimum.


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