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Attirance Natural Cosmetics Franchise Information

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Are you looking for a franchise opportunity
with the high quality products and profit potential?

Then why not become a part of Attirance success story!

Attirance is recognized manufacturer of natural cosmetics from Europe. Established in 2003, the company has developed more than 300 unique products with charming design and wonderful selection of fragrances. The main business advantage is a high quality products and competitive price level, which allows customers to receive good quality products for an affordable price, but to the store owners as you it brings a stable business and high level of profit.

The story of Attirance is based on natural beauty of Provence (France) what was the main inspiration source for creating a new cosmetic line. By using the natural treasures of nature, we are carefully selecting only the highest quality plants, butters, flower extracts and essential oils to provide luxury body care and well-being.

Attirance is a great and positive idea, it is developed and proven business and it is also exciting adventure of work from day to day. Join our global network and bring out the real beauty of the nature to the world!

Why you should buy Attirance franchise?attriance franches

&#61623          Unique products of natural cosmetics with its own original color, aroma and design, as well as positive effects on the human body and wellness

&#61623          Highest quality manufacturing standards and international product certificates prove the high quality of the products

&#61623          Fully developed business concept and a range of high quality products that is regularly refreshed and animated

&#61623          Proven profitability – we’ve got a proven system for maximizing sales and streamlining operations that will bring you a stable profit

Business advantages:

Natural and handmade cosmetics from Latvia (EU)

Over 300 revenue-generating products

The stock will be bought directly from the manufacturer and you will be provided with the best pricing and manufacturer supportbusiness advantages

A team of experts – remarkable experience in the cosmetics industry and business management and consulting. Therefore we’re here to help you.

Training – you will receive opening assistance, ongoing support and consultations how to open and operate your shop

Unified set-up of the store – we provide exactly the same look of the cosmetic franchise store and deliver the same wonderful experience to customers

High-end luxury store design and furniture provided

Advertising and promotional materials


Attirance Master Franchise

Master Franchise means the exclusive rights to develop your own Attirance branded store network and attract new partners for franchise in your region.

You will receive an opportunity to create an Attirance store chain in your preferred area as a Master franchisee. You will get a control of the successful franchise system in a specific geographic area, a proven business module that works, the brand name and even a partner in the form of a corporate office and other master franchises to give you valuable support, latest innovations and business expertise when you will need it. As our potential partner Attirance will offer you a well designed business system which will allow you to develop an independent and profitable business. Even though the initial franchise fee is higher, a master franchise license can lead to greater growth than a single franchise. You will stay up-to-date on the latest technologies by being part of a larger franchise system and you will receive industry specific training and support directly from Attirance head office.

Benefits you will have as a MASTER franchisee are:

Priority service due to the constant contact with Attirance as a manufacturer;

Additional discount programs on products;

Outstanding start-up assistance and ongoing operational support

Control over franchisees in territory and enforcement of agreements

Professional website design offering national and international exposure

Opportunity to create an online store in your territory

Profit opportunities from supplying franchisees, as well as from franchise fees

Profit from sales to cosmetic chains, hotels, spa saloons, pharmacies

A wider range of marketing programs and tools

Higher growth of turnover than in single franchise


“The Attirance franchise concept offers good opportunities with a small investment to build up an own existence. The concept (furniture, merchandising, shop equipment) is well thought out and you get everything you need for a successful store opening. With a little initiative and creativity you can give your store a personal touch without departing from the concept. The products from Attirance are really great and they combine best care by natural ingredients with elegant design. For me Attirance was a good chance to realize my dream of my own store without too much risk.”
Anne-Kristin Muller (Attirance Franchisee from Germany)

Single Franchise

Franchise selection criteria:

1. Strategic selection of the store location:

a. In shopping malls with high customer traffic and purchasing power;

b. Main streets of city centre;

c. Widely recognized tourist locations;

2. Space for the potential store from 20-50m2

3. Access to capital

4. Experience and knowledge of retail, wholesale or cosmetics business is considered as an advantage

Investments & profit:

1. Franchise store opening costs – from 30,000 EUR, including

a. Initial stock purchase of about 10,000 EUR

b. Attirance concept furniture and design elements

c. Single franchise fee

d. Additional costs for renovation, staff and advertising

2. Profit payback period – about 7 months with respect to the profitable Christmas sales season

3. Profitability ratio starting from 70-130%


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